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A small, local production company

aimed to help small, local businesses

From a chance meeting between freelance videographer Adrina Rodriguez and business owner Vic Picone, grew a bond between two fellow entrepreneurs. From that bond came an idea: To help small and local businesses grow using video-storytelling. From that idea came Next Door Creations

It was a perfect balance between Adrina, with her talent and passion for creating powerful videos, and Vic, a successful entrepreneur with 6 businesses and 30 years of experience. Together, the two decided to use their combined talents to help local businesses grow and thrive! 

From social media videos, to marketing videos, to webseries, no matter how big the idea, Next Door Creations is dedicated to helping businesses take the next step in their growth and profitability

Adrina Rodriguez 
Filmmaker & Managing Partner

Meet the Team

Victor Picone
President & CEO

A Long Island native, Adrina graduated from SUNY New Paltz in 2018 with a degree in Marketing. Originally, she never thought of having a career as a videographer. However, along with her main courses in marketing and business, she also studied production and screenwriting. Upon graduating, she landed a job as a marketing coordinator, where she combined her production skills with her marketing knowledge, and created marketing videos for her job.

Today, Adrina uses her talents with the camera to create unique and powerful videos to help small businesses grow and expand to new heights. Her skills in production, coupled with her studies in marketing, makes her exceptionally able to make sublime videos for your business or event!

Vic began his first business in 1996 with Picone & Associates, and has been growing ever since. He is now the proud owner of 6 local Long Island businesses, including Pro Game Athletics and the Long Island Junior Ducks. Hardworking, and dedicated to giving back to his community, he met Adrina through a mutual friend, and realized she had the same mission in mind. 

After she created 2 successful videos for his businesses, Vic saw her potential, and she saw a trusting business partner. Not only does he have years of business knowledge and experience, but Vic also has a wide network of business owners, charities, artists, and athletes throughout Long Island that can benefit from such exposure.

When he's not operating his multiple businesses, he's running his local charity StrengthHeals, a local charity dedicated to helping bring opportunities to underprivileged and abused children.   

Our Clients

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grow your business
sell your ideas 
increase your revenue 
A Small Team 
for Small Business

First and most important step is telling us your idea. We may be a small business but no idea is too big or too small for us! Tell us what you have in mind or what you want for your business, and we will start preparing to make your vision come to life. 

What We Do

We are dedicated to creating videos unique to your business! Whether it be for your social media, your website, or any other platform you use, we will work tirelessly to create the best for your business. While everyone's process is different, below is a general structure of our production process: 


We can be there for you whenever and wherever you want. You are not limited to how many days we film (but do keep in mind, it may affect pricing). We work our schedule around your schedule! 


Our post-production is very simple and straightforward. Our turnaround for the first draft varies depending on what the project is, but the process is always the same. We will send you a rough cut first (no color corrections, just edits) for approval. Once we have a final approval, we begin the color correcting process and a final version will be sent! 

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